German Food is a company spin-off that focusses on the export of food products from a number of german companies. With a dynamic team we bring knowledge and passion together to supply the right products at the right time to  international clients. Thereby we ensure dynamic growths for sustainable business relations.


Quick Response

We thrive to bring excellent service to our clients. Prompt response and accurate value creation are our main goal.


We offer to supply all necessary shipping documents, including specification-, certification and insurance papers to your order.


German origin guarantees uncompromised quality. The first choice for costumers worldwide.


German Food offers a range of products from the Drinks segment to Snacks and cooking ingredients all of the best quality
  ‘Made in Germany’.

German Sweetener 

Best Quality Sweetener

We offer Sweetener such as Cyclamat Saccharin as Private Label option to our costumers. Be in contact to get an individual offer for your branded sweetener ‘Made in Germany’. 


  • Saccharin, Stevia
  • 1200er packagin
  • 20″ and 40″ Container, FCL

German Energy Drink 

The Energy Drink of german origin guarantees uncompromised quality. The most modern production facilities and a superb standard of hygiene make this product the first choice for energy drink costumers worldwide.

Fast Moving 

The energy drink options are offered at prices that will make the product fly. 


We offer PL Versions for our clients to bring ‘Made in Germany’ into your label.


You will be put in contact with a product manager during the development who offers quick responses for any questions that come up during the process.

German Beer

Premium Beer – Made in Germany

The german “Reinheitsgebot” from 1516 still holds today. this “German Beer Purity Law” gives strict rules of purity and the amount of ingredients allowed in german beers brewed under the Reinheitsgebot. This purity and the german beer culture such as Oktoberfest and Karneval made german beers famous across all countries. 


  • Pils, light beer, dark beer, wheat beer, Beer-fruit mixes
  • Cans 0,33L and 0,5L / Glass 0,25L, 0,33L and 0,5L
  • 20″ and 40″ Container, FCL